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Accessibility Information

The Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane strives to ensure all publically available information is delivered in the most accessible manner possible. To acheive this a number of web policies have been put in place involving text size adjustment, access keys, instant jumping to content and alternate text for images.

Text Size Adjustment


This website allows it's users to adjust the size of the text displayed on screen. To do this simply click on the 'Change text size' link at the top right of the website screen. Clicking a number of times will adjust the size.

Access Keys


To allow our users to follow a link through the use of a keyboard alone, this website implements access keys. Simply hold the ALT key (PC) or Control key (Macintosh) then press the number corresponding to the link you wish to follow.

Alt S - Skip to content
Alt T - Changes text size
Alt H - Home page
Alt A - About Us
Alt L - Library
Alt R - Resources
Alt N - Noticeboard
Alt I
- Links
Alt C - Contact Us
Alt M - Sitemap

Please note: this function is not supported in all browsers. Internet Explorer users may need to press the Enter key after using the access key to submit it.

Instant Content Jumping


For users of screen readers we have added a 'Skip to content' link as the first link on every page of this website. This link will take your screen reader directly to the content of the page. This is useful to avoid having to listen to all navigation elements if you simply need to hear the page content.

Alternate Image Text


All images utilise alternate text. This means users with screen readers can hear a description of the image (useful for images containing text). In addition in some browsers you may hold your mouse over an image to see the description contained within the page.


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