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The Centre has a comprehensive and up-to-date library of books, journals and audio visuals on bioethical and medico-moral themes, as well as a specialised collection on HIV/AIDS which has been partially funded by Queensland Health. The cataloguing of the library is modelled on that of the National Reference Centre in Georgetown University in Washington and the resources are academically sound. Although we are generally not a lending library you are invited to consult these resources and photocopying facilities are available.

The Library holds approximately 6,000 reference texts, currently subscribes to 94 professional journals and holds in excess of 50,000 articles in the filing system, filed by subject area.

The catalogue of the library has now been transferred to the Liberty Library Management System, hosted by Softlink. This was done in conjunction with another department of the Archdiocese, formerly known as Faith and Life (hence you will see Faith and Life prominent on the homepage). The link below will take you to the library catalogue. Note this will take you off our website.

Performing a search

Go to the arrow, where the section says "basic search". We would suggest you choose "Advanced search", this brings across a more detailed search, where you would choose the type of search e.g. "book", then choose the branch in the middle column, QBC. If you are looking for a book, we highly recommend that you designate this in the advance search option. QBC has many individual articles catalogued, and you do not want these showing up if you are looking for a specific book. When you are ready for your search to start press the green arrow, which starts your search. You may want to refine your search, with dates if it is a journal or article, then just click back to the green arrow which takes you back to your search.

The library catalogue can be found here

Please contact the staff at QBC if you need assistance.



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